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Meetings and Seminars

( April - July 2018 )

April 13
Meeting with Metzler Asset Management GmbH
May 21
CBCC Board of Directors Meeting
May 23-24
Mr. Seki (CBCC Steering Committee Chair) joined the European Business Summit and attended as a panelist to the Brussels SDGs Summit organized by CSR Europe.
May 29
CBCC Project Selection Committee Meeting
June 5-6
Mr. Seki attended as a speaker to the 13th International CSR Forum organized by China WTO Tribune.
June 12
Workshop on TCFD Final Report
June 18
CBCC General Assembly Meeting, Board of Directors Meeting
June 22
Meeting with Dr. Daniel P. Kinderman, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations University of Delaware
July 10
Meeting on the current situation on Sustainable Finance

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