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Last Updated : 2012.05.17
( The contents in April, 2012 and afterwards are here. )
Proposal: Aiming to Build "Japan as an Innovation-Oriented Nation" (April 17, 2012)
Request for Growth Strategy Implementation and Decisive Action for Fiscal Reconstruction (May 15, 2012)
Proposal by Keidanren: "Concept of Residences and Towns Well Suited for Aging Society" (May 15, 2012)
Keidanren's Stance on the Agenda Items of the 101st Session of International Labour Conference (May 15, 2012)
Chairman Yonekura's comments at his Press Conference (May 8, 2012)
Towards a New Partnership
(Messages from Keidanren Executives, May 2012)
Chairman Calls on European Leaders to Start Negotiations on an EU-Japan FTA/EPA (April 26, 2012)
Proposal to Strengthen Economic Relations with Myanmar (April 17, 2012)
Keidanren Mission to ASEAN
Observations of Keidanren Chairman Hiromasa Yonekura
(March 9, 2012)
Reform of ports, import/export systems for improved global competitiveness (March 21, 2012)
Keidanren Calls for Early Conclusion of Japan-Turkey Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) (March 21, 2012)
U.S.- Japan Business Dialogue on the Internet Economy Joint Statement (March 21, 2012)
Keidanren publishes a report on relief efforts by companies and business community for the Great East Japan Earthquake (March, 2012)
Toward a More Resilient Society (March 5, 2012)
CCCJ - Keidanren Joint Statement on the release of the Report of the Joint Study on the Possibility of a Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (March 7, 2012)
Keidanren Released New Policy Proposal
on Promotion of Japan's Tourist Industry
(February 21, 2012)
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