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Urgent Call for Active Promotion of Free Trade Agreements

- Toward a New Dimension in Trade Policy -

July 18, 2000

(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Free Trade Agreements?
  3. Challenging Issues in Promoting FTAs
    1. Importance of maintaining and strengthening the WTO system
    2. Considerations of domestic industry
  4. Promotion of Comprehensive FTAs and Counterpart Countries and Regions
    1. Contents of FTAs requiring consideration
    2. Priority countries and regions for FTAs
    3. Assessment of FTAs currently under consideration
  5. Conclusion

A Model Free Trade Agreement

  1. Liberalization of intra-regional trade
  2. Rules on intra-regional trade
  3. Investment protection and liberalization
  4. Rules for trade and investment facilitation
  5. Dispute settlement

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