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Results of the 4th Follow-up
to the Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

-- Section on Global Warming Measures --

Attachment 1-1

Industry Trends in Relation to CO2 Emissions

(In 10,000 t-CO2)
Industry ( * = targets ) Fiscal 1990Fiscal 1997Fiscal 1998Fiscal 1999Fiscal 2000 Compared
to fiscal
1990 (%)
to fiscal
1999 (%)
1Federation of Electric Power Companies 27600.029100.028600.030200.031100.012.73.0
(Portion attributed to industry: these figures are used in the calculation of the 36-industry totals below) 3080.03360.03260.03310.03360.09.11.5
2Japan Gas Association (*)
3Petroleum Association of Japan 3409.04524.04431.04441.04341.027.3-2.3
4Japan Iron and Steel Federation 17420.017120.015770.016650.017120.0-1.72.8
5Japan Chemical Industry Association 7567.18225.17973.88240.48225.38.7-0.2
6Cement Association of Japan 2747.02784.02484.02466.02474.0-9.90.3
7Japan Paper Association 2827.02966.02909.02949.03041.07.63.1
8Japan Federation of Housing Organizations (*) 407.0442.0429.0444.0442.08.6-0.5
9Communications Industry Association of Japan 784.0918.0916.01001.01050.033.94.9
10Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (*) 772.7793.5732.3759.8727.1-5.9-4.3
11Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (*) 759.0695.0662.0641.0625.0-17.7-2.5
12Japan Federation of Construction Contractors (*) 499.7496.0399.9370.2369.0-26.2-0.3
13Japan Mining Industry Association 488.0484.0484.0493.0502.02.91.8
14Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association 202.0173.0163.0150.0153.0-24.32.0
15Flat Glass Association of Japan 178.1163.8145.4137.7134.3-24.6-2.5
16The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association (*) 191.8187.6178.6188.8181.9-5.2-3.7
17Japan Electric Wire and Cable Makers' Association 100.393.488.487.591.0-9.34.0
18Japan Aluminum Association 145.0160.0150.0158.0161.011.01.9
19Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association of Japan (*) 162.5191.2193.4206.3206.327.00.0
20Brewers Association of Japan (*) 110.4118.8114.5110.3104.2-5.6-5.5
21Japan Brass Makers Association 91.479.067.772.675.0-17.93.3
22Japan Coal Energy Center
23Japan Sugar Refiners' Association (*) 58.348.947.747.449.2-15.63.8
24Limestone Association of Japan 45.542.040.140.441.3-9.22.2
25Japan Camera Industry Association 15.612.011.310.513.5-13.628.6
26The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan 14.919.418.318.515.21.9-17.7
27Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries (*)
28Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers 82.375.770.369.070.4-14.52.0
29Japan Bearing Industrial Association 74.970.666.067.671.8-4.16.2
30Japan Dairy Industry Association 73.682.282.986.982.412.0-5.2
31The Japan Soft Drinks Association 40.255.754.860.
32Japan Machine Tool Builder's Association
33Flour Millers Association 17.118.718.318.518.910.52.2
34Japan Glass Bottle Association (*) 153.1127.4120.6112.7108.5-29.1-3.7
35Japan Auto-body Industries Association, Inc. (*) 55.949.846.646.250.1-10.48.4
36Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association (*) 47.941.735.035.536.3-24.22.3
Emissions from industrial processess (Notes 1, 2) 5,2004,9964,4554,4424,481

Total CO2 emissions 48,01949,75246,75548,06248,6091.21.1
Note 1: "Emissions from industrial processes" refers to CO2 emitted by non-energy sources in the course of the manufacturing process.
Note 2: Total CO2 emissions for the 36 industries are calculated on the basis of "generating end" electric power input per unit output for the respective industries on a fiscal year basis. On the other hand, in follow-up surveys, industries may also choose to report emissions in terms of "demand end" electric power input per unit output or fixed (the ratio in fiscal 1990) electric power input per unit output (as have the Japan Chemical Industry Association, Japan Gas Association, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Japan Electrical Manufactures Association, Japan Camera Industry Association, and Communications Industry Association of Japan). The figures for CO2 emissions by industry in the table are the latter figures. The row for industrial processes includes the differences between these follow-up figures and the figures used to calculate the 36-industry totals.
(The Japan Bearing Association's figures for emissions in FY 1990 are estimates.)
* Due to a revision of the Caloric Value Table, calculations of emissions from FY 2000 on are based on different heat conversion coefficients from those used through FY 1999.

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