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Results of the 4th Follow-up
to the Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

-- Section on Global Warming Measures --

Attachment 1-2

Industry Trends in Energy Consumption

(In 10,000 kl; crude oil equivalents)
Industry ( * = targets ) Fiscal 1990Fiscal 1997Fiscal 1998Fiscal 1999Fiscal 2000 Compared
to fiscal
1990 (%)
to fiscal
1999 (%)
1Federation of Electric Power Companies (attributed amount) 2020.02520.02500.02450.02370.017.3-3.3
2Japan Gas Association
3Petroleum Association of Japan 1287.01708.01673.01677.01661.029.1-1.0
4Japan Iron and Steel Federation (*) 5722.05542.05171.05373.05657.0-1.15.3
5Japan Chemical Industry Association 3016.83348.93257.63348.63337.910.6-0.3
6Cement Association of Japan 877.0860.0764.0755.0762.0-13.10.9
7Japan Paper Association 1071.01114.01092.01101.01122.04.81.9
8Japan Federation of Housing Organizations 154.7167.9162.9168.8170.110.00.8
9Communications Industry Association of Japan 493.0658.0639.0671.0710.044.05.8
10Japan Auto Parts Industries Association 403.5451.6433.4444.8419.64.0-5.7
11Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association 410.0377.0357.0343.0333.0-18.8-2.9
12Japan Federation of Construction Contractors 193.0193.0-144.6143.4-25.7-0.8
13Japan Mining Industry Association 205.0210.0213.0219.0215.04.9-1.8
14Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association 114.0110.0102.089.090.8-20.42.0
15Flat Glass Association of Japan (*) 72.866.059.956.454.8-24.7-2.8
16The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association 94.496.997.098.092.6-1.9-5.5
17Japan Electric Wire and Cable Makers' Association (*) 58.861.158.456.957.2-2.70.5
18Japan Alminum Association
19Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association of Japan 77.4100.1102.6106.7104.535.0-2.1
20Brewers Association of Japan 52.658.858.956.752.70.2-7.1
21Japan Brass Makers Association 54.451.644.246.749.6-8.86.2
22Japan Coal Energy Center (*) (Note 1)
23Japan Sugar Refiners' Association 24.422.021.621.421.9-10.22.3
24Limestone Association of Japan 22.622.021.120.920.9-7.50.0
25Japan Camera Industry Association
26The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan (Note 2) 9.814.313.913.610.79.2-21.4
27Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries
28Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
29Japan Bearing Industrial Association 43.144.642.442.343.50.92.7
30Japan Dairy Industry Association 35.242.843.344.842.520.7-5.1
31The Japan Soft Drinks Association 18.226.426.729.530.768.74.1
32Japan Machine Tool Builder's Association --14.416.313.714.1--2.9
33Flour Millers Association 10.812.612.912.712.515.7-1.6
34Japan Glass Bottle Association 66.456.053.249.948.3-27.3-3.2
35Japan Auto-body Industries Association, Inc. 30.829.227.826.928.3-8.15.2
36Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association 22.421.418.318.418.3-18.3-0.5
Revisions (Note 3) -93.6-104.270.7-95.9-145.3

Total (Note 4) 16778.618089.517336.917587.517729.25.70.8
Note 1: The Japan Coal Energy Center's goal is to achieve a reduction in amount of electric power used.
Note 2: Energy consumption by The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan was calculated by the staff of Keidanren on the basis of material submitted by the association.
Note 3: Revisions are defined as the differences between the totals of data submitted by industries and the totals of the revised industry figures.
Note 4: Data in Attachment 1-2 are, as a rule, presented as submitted by the respective industries.
All totals have been calculated by the staff of Keidanren (Keidanren staff have also made a number of adjustments in order to develop a full complement of energy conversion coefficients).
* A dash indicates that the data has not been submitted. In this instance, Keidanren develops estimates and add these estimates to the revisions.
* Due to a revision of the Caloric Value Table, calculations of emissions from FY 2000 on are based on different heat conversion coefficients from those used through FY 1999.

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