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Provisional Translation

Recommendations for Expanding Economic and Trade Ties with China Following Its Accession to the World Trade Organization

May 20, 2003
Nippon Keidanren
(Japan Business Federation)

[ Table of Contents ]

Part I. General Comments

  1. Introduction
  2. Japan-China economic and trade relations
  3. Expanding Japan-China economic and trade ties
  4. Promoting Japan-China business: challenges requiring urgent action
  5. Conclusions

Part II. Barriers to Business Activities:
Improvements Requested by the Japanese Business Community

  1. Trade in Goods
    (1)General rules
    (3)Intellectual property rights
    (4)Other considerations
  2. Investment
  3. Trade in Services
    (1)General rules
    (2)Major service sectors
    (a)Financial services
    (b)Transportation and logistics-related services
    (c)Construction and related engineering services
    (d)Distribution services
    (e)Telecommunications services
    (f)Tourism services

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