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Provisional Translation

Urgent Recommendations
Toward the WTO Cancún Ministerial Conference and Beyond

July 22, 2003
Nippon Keidanren
(Japan Business Federation)

[ Recommendations ]

  1. Overcoming the Crisis of the Doha Development Agenda

  2. Resolving the Critical Issues at Cancún Ministerial
    (1) Breaking Out of the Stalemate of Agricultural Negotiation
    (2) Ensuring the Benefits of DDA to Developing Countries

  3. Priority Issues for Nippon Keidanren
    (1) Launching of Negotiations on Investment Rules
    (2) Further Liberalizing the Movement of Natural Persons
    (3) Other important items
    Trade in Services, Non-Agricultural Market Access, Antidumping,
    E-Commerce, Trade Facilitation, Transparency

  4. Actions Undertaken by Nippon Keidanren

[ Recommendations by Sectors ]

Priority Issues for Nippon Keidanren

  1. Creating Investment Rules
  2. Liberalizing the Movement of Natural Persons
  3. Other Important Items
    (1) Promoting Trade in Services Negotiations
    [ Evaluation of the Current Situation ]
    [ Overview ]
    A) Request and Offer Negotiations
    1. Raising the level of Japan's liberalization
    2. Raising the level of liberalization of other developed countries
    3. Raising the level of liberalization of developing countries, and prompt submission of initial offers
    B) Rules
    1. Domestic regulation
    2. Emergency Safeguard Measures (ESM)
    [ Main Sectors ]
    A) Financial Services
    B) IT-Related Services / e-commerce
    C) Maritime Transport Services
    D) Air Transport Services
    E) Energy Services
    F) Other Sectors
    1. Distribution Services
    2. Audiovisual Services
    3. Construction and Engineering Services
    4. Professional Services
    (2) Improving Market Access for Non-Agricultural Products
    A) Formula
    B) Sectorial Tariff Elimination
    C) Supplementary Modalities
    D) Non-Tariff Barriers
    (3) Improvement of the Antidumping Agreement
    (4) Encouraging the Development of E-Commerce
    (5) Creating Trade Facilitation Rules
    (6) Ensuring Transparency

Other Relevant Issues

  1. Trade and Environment
  2. The TRIPs Agreement and Public Health (Access to Medicines)
  3. Regional Trade Agreements
  4. Trade and Competition
  5. Implementation of the TRIPs Agreement

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