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Provisional Translation

A Successful Hong Kong Ministerial Conference
Can Still Save the Doha Development Agenda

-- Political Leadership Needed from All WTO Members --

September 20, 2005

Nippon Keidanren
( Japan Business Federation )

[ Summary ]


[ Proposal ]

  1. Background
    The Doha Development Agenda is at a crisis point
    A sense of crisis is deepening throughout the international business community
    WTO Members must make political decisions to successfully conclude DDA negotiations
  2. Benefits of the WTO
  3. Key areas of negotiation
    (i) Agriculture
    (ii) Non-agricultural market access (industrial products, etc.)
    (iii) Trade in services
    (iv) Trade facilitation
    (v) Rules
    (vi) Development (special consideration for developing countries)
  4. Conclusion

[ Details of key areas of negotiation ]

  1. Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA)
    (1) Formula to be used for tariff reduction
    (2) Sectoral approach
    (3) Non-tariff barriers
    (4) Other considerations
  2. Trade in Services
    (1) Rules
    (2) Most favored nation (MFN) treatment exemptions
    (3) Request-and-offer negotiations
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Trade Facilitation
  5. Antidumping
  6. Development (Special Consideration for Developing Countries)

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