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Keidanren Priority Policies 2007

January 10, 2007
Nippon Keidanren

Basic Views

In January 2007, Keidanren released a new vision titled "Land of Hope, Japan." The "Land of Hope" which Keidanren aim, is a nation of abundance and spiritual fulfillment, which is supported by assured economic growth. It is also a society supported by open opportunity and fair competition, and a country that enjoys the respect and friendship from countries worldwide.

For Japan to become a "Land of Hope" amid increasingly fierce global competition and a declining population, it must exert strong political leadership to implement strategies that draw out its maximum economic growth potential, and to carry out resolute reforms that lead to the creation of lean and efficient government. In addition, it is essential to reform the structure of society in a way that expands freedom of choice based on a spirit of independence and self-reliance, and that strengthens open lateral bonds across society in a way that motivates people to help promote nation's welfare.

Priority Policy Measures for the Immediate Future

From the perspective set out above, we consider it to be of very great importance to implement the 10 policy measures set out below.

  1. Tax and fiscal reform to boost Japan's economic dynamism and international competitiveness
  2. Comprehensive reform of the social-security system in order to remove the anxieties of the Japanese people and measures to counter the decline in the birthrate
  3. Regulatory reform, public-private partnership, and the enactment of economic legislation to make full use of private-sector dynamism
  4. Promotion of innovation to create a new strategy for growth
  5. Advancement of truly effective energy and environmental policies to bring about a sustainable society
  6. Educational reforms that nurture people who possess charitable spirit, broad mind, and individuality
  7. Promotion of employment and labor policies that harness the diverse potential of individuals
  8. Introduction of a system of states and establishment of attractive regional economic zones
  9. Promotion of trade, investment, and economic-cooperation policies to appropriately cope with intense global competition
  10. Creating an environment conducive to the enactment of a new constitution, and implementing strategic diplomacy and national-security policy

The Keidanren priority policies are the yardsticks of its Policy Assessment 2007 that will address political parties' policies.

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