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Nippon Keidanren and BDI Call for a
Framework for Enhancing Economic Relations
Between the European Union and Japan

August 30, 2007

Japan and Germany not only play an important role in the integration within their regions, but should also take the lead in advancing the relationship between Asia and Europe. Japan and Germany need a closer cooperation to overcome the common challenges our countries face.

In a globalizing world and with Germany as a member of the EU, we believe that a stronger economic tie between the EU and Japan is the key to strengthening the competitiveness of our countries. Many more efforts need to be made on both sides so that current favorable economic relations do not lead to a state of mutual indifference.

With this in mind, Nippon Keidanren and BDI call on the Japanese and German authorities to make every effort to establish a framework for enhancing economic relations between the EU and Japan.

1. EU-Japan agreement for the enhancement of trade and investment

In order to improve business predictability, level the playing field, and enhance economic relations, it is imperative for both the EU and Japan to develop and improve their respective rules and systems for economic activity, and to promote their harmonization.

The goal should be to conclude an EU-Japan agreement for the enhancement of trade and investment. Such an agreement has to be conceptualized and understood as a core of the framework for advancing the bilateral relations.

The agreement should include the following;

2. WTO Doha Round to be successfully concluded

The above bilateral agreement should be designed to pursue more liberalized trade and investment than what can be achieved through negotiations within the WTO framework so that they complement each other.

In the light of importance of the WTO multilateral approach, Japan and the EU, in which Germany is a leading member, should work together to successfully conclude the Doha Round by the end of this year.

3. Innovation for sustainable growth

As innovation is the key to sustainable growth for Japan and the EU, concrete measures to protect intellectual property rights and to enhance innovation need to be taken. Japan and Germany as high-tech nations should take the lead and intensify their collaboration.

4. Climate protection and energy efficiency

Given the evidence that global climate change is already taking place, it is in the fundamental long-term interest of Japan and Germany to increase energy efficiency in a manner that promotes sustainable economic growth.

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