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Master Plan for Recovery and Creation of a New Japan

May 27, 2011
Nippon Keidanren

Keidanren announced a "Master Plan for Recovery from the Disaster and Creation of a New Japan" on May 27.

It is vital to go forward with the disaster restoration based upon a clear blueprint and with the utmost speed even in the very early stage of the rehabilitation operation. What must be done must be done and there is no time to lose. All one nation, the central and local government, private companies and all the people need to work hard together with great determination and strong commitment that they never shrink from hardship ahead and share pains.

The policy paper urges the Japanese government to immediately establish an entity with strong leadership that keeps various restoration activities under its firm and sole control. The damaged regions need to be designated as a single "Special Zone for Disaster Restoration" where drastic special policy measures are taken to bring out the best. With the help of an effective framework for Public Private Partnership, business community is willing to make the utmost contribution to rebuilding the devastated area with its vitality and vigorousness.

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