Survey Concerning Corporate Philanthropy Activities

Since 1991, Keidanren has conducted a survey concerning philanthropic activities among corporate members of Keidanren, as well as corporate members of the "1% Club." The survey uses questionnaires which ask corporations to respond to questions such as the amount of philanthropic expenditure, and whether it has implemented a system to promote philanthropic activities during the past fiscal year.

This year, in addition to the questions described above, questions were added regarding the company's awareness of philanthropic activities and the establishment of an in-house philanthropic system. The framework for the survey is described below.

Target of Survey

Corporate members of Keidanren, corporate members of the "1% Club" totaling 990 companies.

Committee In Charge

Corporate Philanthropy Committee (Takeo Shiina, Chairman) Inter-Cultural Exchange Committee (Shinichi Nishio, Chairman)

Object of Survey

To clarify the current condition of philanthropic activities of companies, to deepen the understanding of the society, and to contribute to future activities of the companies.

Contents of Survey

The survey is designed to ascertain the amount of expenditure on philanthropic activities in fiscal year 1993 (including inter-culture exchange), the ratio of expenditure to recurring profit, the implementation of a support system for employees' volunteer activities, success stories of each company, and each company's awareness of philanthropy.

Time of Survey

July, 1994

Method of Survey

Questionnaires were mailed and recovered.

Number of companies that responded

398 (Recovery rate: 40.2%)

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