1. Economic Regulations (Examples)

(1) Entry Regulations Implemented to adjust a balance of supply and demand (Examples)

* Note that the names of laws are abbreviated here and in the following sections.
(business subject to regulations: Names of underlying law)

(2) Regulations on New Installation/Additions to Facilities (Examples)

(3) Import Regulations (Examples)

1) Import quantitative restrictions ... Items for which import quotas are restricted
(12 items including fresh fish eggs)

2) Government trade monopoly items ... 9 items including salt, rice, barley and wheat
The following items are applicable even though their imports are not directly restricted by the laws.

(4) Price Regulations (Examples)

1) Public Utility Charges, etc. (main items)

2) Price Maintenance Systems (Examples)

(5) Main Regulatory Laws Related to Financial, Securities, and Insurance Sectors

(6) Other Regulations on Business Activities (Examples)

(excluding the financial, securities, and insurance sectors)
(Regulations on entry, business content, and business methods which have some economic intent. Items which overlapped with number (1) to (4) above are not included.)

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