Private Sector Initiatives
to Revitalize the Japanese Economy

Japan Federation of Economic Organizations

September 13, 1995

  1. Utilizing the Benefits of Deregulation
  2. If we are to fully realize the benefits of deregulation in the market place, member corporations and organizations should endeavor to take full advantage of the freedom that deregulation measures have already been brought. These included relaxation of the Large-scale Retail Store Law that allowed longer operating hours and opening of more outlets, and the abolition of the weekly limit on the number of firms which may go public in the over-the-counter market.

    Since deregulation is the most important step we can take in revitalizing the economy, each industry must take the initiative to tackle the abolition of regulations pertaining to new entries and facilities - from the viewpoint of adjusting the supply and demand - and that of price regulation. Each should as well aggressively advocate their own industry's specific deregulation agenda before the Administrative Reform Committee, the Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters of the Cabinet and other relevant government councils and ministries.

  3. Revitalizing the Stock Market
  4. In order to revitalize the stock market, firms must promote the buyback of their own stock for retirement; the listing of subsidiaries on the stock exchange or registration in the over-the-counter market; the purchase of their own stock by directors and employees; and, the liberalization of stock brokerage fees. Management must as well place greater importance on their share-holders.

  5. Restructuring of the Financial System
  6. The restructuring of the banking and financial institutions must be advocated, and efforts must be made to quickly address the problem of non-performing assets.

  7. Stabilizing Exchange Rates
  8. Efforts must be made to promote investment in overseas securities and to reform commercial practices that may hinder imports.

  9. Fostering New Industries and Businesses
  10. Companies must foster the creation of new businesses by establishing venture business inside companies and adopting the incentive pay system. At the same time, corporations should support independent venture businesses, that should generate future economic growth, by providing them with capital, management resources, etc.


Private Sector Initiatives to Revitalize the Japanese Economy

Summary of Specific Recommendations

  1. Effective Use of Deregulation Measures:
    1. Development of products that utilize FM multiple rays for communications service;
    2. Reduction of communication costs by utilizing private leased circuits;
    3. Joining electric power generation wholesale;
    4. Joining retailing of electric power in a selected market that are allowed under special permission of MITI;
    5. Standards in issuing bonds were abolished in corporate bond market;
    6. Utilize advantages of the "second over-the-counter (OTC) market and abolition of weekly limits on the number of firms permitted to go pubic;
    7. The use of computerized customs clearance data reference system called NACCS rationalized clerical work;
    8. Abolition of regulations governing new entries, investment in new facilities, and pricing regulations to facilitate adjustment of supply and demand.

  2. Revitalization of the Stock Market:
    1. Promotion of the corporate buyback and retirement of a firm's stock;
    2. Encouragement of the listing of subsidiaries on the stock exchange or registration in the OTC market;
    3. Establishment of management policies that place importance on shareholders, through the use of flexible dividend policies that reflect business performance;
    4. Promotion of the purchase of stock by a corporation's directors and employees;
    5. Liberalization of stock brokerage fees.

  3. Restructuring of the Financial System:
    1. Advocating restructuring of banking and financial institutions.

  4. Stabilization of the exchange rate of an appropriate level:
    1. Proportion of overseas securities investment by the private sector must be increased.

  5. Creation of New Businesses and Industries:
    1. Reform of corporate behavior and commercial practices in order to facilitate creation of new businesses and establishment of transparent business protocols which are understandable to both domestic and international business(es).
    2. Revision of employment practices including the personnel, wage, and welfare systems originally based on lifetime employment;
    3. Protection of intellectual property rights for in-house corporate inventions and awarding of appropriate reward;
    4. Development of a system for securing and evaluating intellectual property rights and a mechanism for their sale;
    5. Development of the secondary market for the public trading of stocks in the over the counter market through intense market-making activities by securities firms;
    6. Provision of assistance to independent venture businesses including start-up funding, marketing, and management resources;
    7. Establishing corporate alliances by positioning independent venture businesses as equal corporate partners;
    8. Establishing corporate ventures in-house and reforming the organizational structure to permit leadership of employees to timely reaction on social and market trends through their use;
    9. Adoption of an incentive pay system for risk-taking employees in venture businesses, to be implemented within the existing system, linking performance to earnings.

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