[Tentative Translation]

Keidanren's Basic Stance towards the Singapore Ministerial Conference of
the World Trade Organization(WTO)

Table of Contents

October 1996


  1. Basic View of the World Trade Organization and the Multilateral Free Trading System
  2. Proposals for the Agenda of the Singapore Ministerial Conference and Basic View on Future Issues
    1. Implementation of Uruguay Round Commitments
    2. Built-in Agenda
      1. Services Sector
        1. Basic Telecommunications
        2. Maritime Services
        3. Financial Services
      2. Anti-dumping/Standards of Review
      3. Dispute Settlement
      4. Harmonizing Rules of Origin and Issues to be Addressed Concerning the Application of Rules of Origin
      5. Intellectual Property Rights
      6. Agriculture

    3. Trade and the Environment
    4. Additional Liberalization
      1. Pharmaceuticals
      2. Chemicals
      3. Information Technology Agreement (ITA)

    5. New Issues
      1. Trade and Investment
      2. Regional Economic Integration
      3. Trade and Labor Standards
      4. Trade and Competition Policy

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