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A Call for
Promotion of Government-Private Coordination
in Intellectual Support for Developing Countries

-Toward Vitalization of Private Sector Economic Activities in Developing Countries-

Gist of Proposal

  1. In order to stimulate economic activities in developing countries through nurturing their private business sectors, it is vital to grasp accurately their needs and to promote the transfer of management know-how of private enterprises.

  2. Existing systems of dispatching experts to developing countries must be improved and operated flexibly and, at the same time, coordination among the different systems should be strengthened, eyeing towards making effective use of available human resources of private enterprises.

  3. The government and private sectors should coordinate in drawing a comprehensive support program that will be effective in vitalizing private sector economic activities in developing countries.

  4. Through creation of government-private coordinated system of sending private sector experts to developing countries, the government should give priority to promoting the following:

    1. Comprehensive economic cooperation in wide-area projects straddling a plural number of countries;

    2. Fostering of human resources for the purpose of building private-initiative infrastructure that would lead to the vitalization of economic activities in developing countries.

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