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Proposals for realization of a free, fair and transparent information and telecommunications market
--Aiming for structural reform and economic rejuvenation--


Points in the results of the February 1998 "Questionnaire Survey on Telecommunication Services"

--Business users' expectations for Type-I communication businesses

  1. Lowering of fees for various services
  2. Lowering of fees for dedicated line services, packet communication services and frame relay services; lowering of in-city telephone call fees and short-distance telephone call fees; lowering of portable telephone and PHS fees; lowering of international communication fees; lowering of dial-in fees; lowering of push-button phone fees; expansion of flat rate system; bringing of fees into line with those of North America.

  3. Expansion of discount menus
  4. Expansion of large-lot and high price user discounts; expansion of the scope and discount rates for long-term usage discounts; expansion of inexpensive, low quality service menus; expansion of speed menus and expansion of area in economy dedicated line services, ATM services, high speed digital circuit services and frame relay services; expansion of transmission speeds for portable telephones; introduction of services that use dedicated lines only when necessary; introduction of ADSL services; addition of new discount menus such as annual prepayment discounts, volume discounts on in-city telephone calls, and in-city discounts on VPN services.

  5. Precise services that answer user needs
  6. Simplifying fee requests, integrating numerous service request forms and receipts, providing user guide services through a plurality of businesses, providing international one-stop services

  7. Further shortening of dedicated line delivery times
  8. Shortening installation times for high speed digital circuit services, very high speed digital circuit services, ATM services, ISDN services and economy dedicated line services.

  9. Improving service in circuit installation
  10. Making contact for the day's schedule earlier for new circuit installation work and adding circuit installation work on Saturdays, holidays and nights as an option.

  11. Other
  12. Put number guides on the Internet

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