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The 1st Follow-up of Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment
Outline of the 1st Follow-up under the Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

Actual Amounts and Targets (Forecasts) by Industry

[CO2 emissions (10,000 t-C)]
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association 210194189*
Japan Federation of Construction Contractors
Japan Civil Engineering Contractors' Association, Inc.
Building Contractors Society
Japan Federation of Housing Organizations 127111116
The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association 53.351.952.7
Flat Glass Association of Japan 48.547.143.0
Brewers Association of Japan 31.334.029.5
Japan Gas Association 302620*
Japan Coal Energy Center
Japan Sugar Refiners' Association 16.013.813.4*
Limestone Association of Japan 12.5112.4112.47

[Index of CO2 emissions per unit output]
Japan Brass Makers Association 1.000.790.71
Federation of Electric Power Companies 1.000.870.78*
The Scheduled Airlines Association of Japan 1.000.890.90*
Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers 1.000.920.88
Japanese Shipowners' Association 1.000.950.90*
Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association 1.000.960.75*
Japan Aluminium Federation 1.000.970.73
Electronic Industries Association of Japan 1.000.960.75*
Japan Auto Parts Industries Association
The Real Estate Companies Association in Japan 1.000.97*

[Amount of energy consumed (10,000 kl)]
Japan Iron and Steel Federation 572255425150*
Japan Electric Wire and Cable Makers' Association 625953

[Index of energy input per unit output]
Japan Mining Industry Association 1.000.880.88*
Petroleum Association of Japan 1.000.920.90*
Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Associations of Japan
Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Japan Paper Association 1.000.940.90*
The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan 1.000.960.90*
Japan Chemical Industry Association 1.000.960.90*
Cement Association of Japan 1.000.990.97*

Note: This table should be used in all cases for quick and easy reference; please refer to the individual industry pages for details.
: Figures for fiscal 1990 and 1997 are actual amounts. Figures for 2010 are targets or forecasts.
*: Indicates target value. Other figures are forecasts.

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