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Challenges for the Upcoming WTO Negotiations and
Agendas for Future Japanese Trade Policy

May 18, 1999

(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)


1. Introduction

2. Expectations of the Upcoming WTO Negotiations

(1) Promotion of Liberalization Negotiations
(2) Development of Trade and Investment Rules
(3) Promotion of WTO Accession for Non-Members

3. Agendas of Japanese Trade Policy

(1) Strengthening Bilateral Agreement Efforts
(2) Further Promotion of Imports into Japan
(3) Development of the Regime toward Trade Negotiations in the Future
(a) Establishment of a new body for Government-Industry Dialogue
(b) Establishment of a Complaint Procedure for Foreign Trade Measures

4. Conclusion


Appendix 1 Tariff Reductions on Goods in Mining and Manufacturing
Appendix 2 Issues on Trade in Services Negotiation
Appendix 3 Prevention of Protectionist Application of Anti-Dumping Measures
Appendix 4 Clarification of Treatment of Electronic Commerce
Appendix 5 Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Protection
Appendix 6 Development of International Investment Rules
Appendix 7 Strengthening Dispute Settlement Procedures
Appendix 8 Other Issues

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