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Proposing Reforms in Employment and Labor


October 19, 1999
(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)

On October 19 Keidanren issued a policy recommendation titled "Reforms in Employment and Labor to Realize the Enrichment of Citizens' Lives." This proposal aims to strengthen Japan's industrial competitiveness through efforts toward the building of a nation of creative and energetic talent. Keidanren already presented this proposal to the government, the parties in power and others concerned.

The proposal is the result of discussions at the Committee on Industrial Affairs (co-chaired by Hiromichi Seya, chairman and CEO of Asahi Glass, and Masao Nishimura, President and CEO of the Industrial Bank of Japan) since May of this year. It points out specific courses for reform in the following four areas:

  1. Functional reinforcement of the labor market that lead to realize the concept of "putting the right talent in the right job;"
  2. the improvement of individuals' vocational skills, placing emphasis on the importance of self-initiated efforts;
  3. the broadening of employment opportunities for women and for individuals of advanced age;
  4. the realization of an administration that gives due regard to the needs and intentions of individual workers and businesses.

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