Guidelines for corporate action

Companies must carry on their business activities to contribute to the establishment of a new economic social system for realizing an environmentally protective society leading to the sustainable development.

General management policies

Companies should always consult the guidelines below in carrying on their activities. They must work to (1) protect the global environment and improve the local living environment, (2) take care to protect ecosystems and conserve resources, (3) ensure the environmental soundness of products and (4) protect the health and safety of employees and citizens.

Corporate Organization

Concern for the environment

Companies shall endeavor to use resources efficiently and reduce waste products through recycling, and shall appropriately deal with pollutants and waste products.

Technology development

In order to help solve global environmental problems, companies shall endeavor to develop and supply innovative technologies, products and survices that allow conservation of energy and other resources together with preservation of the environment.

Technology transfers

Emergency measures

Public relations and education

Community relations

Overseas operations

Companies developing operations overseas shall observe the Ten-Points-Environmental Guidelines for the Japanese Enterprises Operating Abroad in Keidanren's Basic Views of the Global Environmental Problems (April 1990) (see Attachment).

Contribution to public policies

Response to global problems

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