Draft Design Specification for ISO26000:
The Platform + Drawer Model

Nippon Keidanren ISO/SR Mirror Group

Part I: Universal & Generic Guidance

1. The Purpose and Scope

2. Terms and Definitions

3. General Principles

4. SR components

Guidance given here is universal and generic and shall be a platform for the implementation of SR activities in any type of organization in any country or region. Each issue may consist of principles and key references (international agreements including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Global Compact, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises).

4.1 Fundamental SR issues

(1)legal enforcement/compliance
(2)human rights
(4)quality of products and/or services
(5)safety/information security
(7)community involvement

4.2 Stakeholder Communications/Engagement

(1)definition of stakeholder communications, stakeholder engagement
(2)principles of stakeholder communications, stakeholder engagement
  examples) honesty, mutuality, win-win solution, complementary

5. Annexes and Bibliography

Part II: Drawers Containing Case Studies and Practices

A. Stakeholder Category-Specific Guidance

This section provides guidance on the relevant aspects of social responsibility for different types of organizations, including organizational roles and principles to operationalize.

A-1Business and Industry Organizations
A-2Government Organizations
A-3Non-Governmental Organizations
A-4Consumer Organizations
A-5Labor Organizations

B. Exemplified Cases & Practices

The exemplified cases and practices are categorized in such a way to be drawn by SR components and types of organizations.