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History and Objectives

CBCC (Council for Better Corporate Citizenship) was established in September 1989 with the support of Keidanren. In the late 1980s, many Japanese companies which rushed to invest in the U.S. encountered increasing criticism there because of investment friction.

Today, companies are required to strengthen their competitiveness as well as to be responsible to society by building good relations with their stakeholders* such as shareholders, customers, consumers, communities in which they are doing businesses, and NGOs. Companies are also requested to contribute to realizing a sustainable world.

In this situation, CBCC, as a representative of organizations promoting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in Japan, has worked diligently to promote Japanese companies' CSR and to support their initiatives as a "good corporate citizen" for more than 25years since its establishment, in accordance with the changes in global recognition of the relations among corporations, society and various stakeholders.

As an affiliated organization of Keidanren, CBCC is closely working with other Keidanren committees and organizations related to CSR, and also with the main CSR promoting organizations overseas. The main activities of CBCC are as follows;

  1. (1) Hosting meetings and seminars on CSR for CBCC members
  2. (2) Dispatching the CSR Dialogue Mission overseas to study the CSR situation in foreign countries and to promote understanding toward Japanese CSR
  3. (3) Collecting and disseminating information on CSR through magazines
  4. (4) Conducting exchange with related organizations both in Japan and foreign countries
  5. (5) Supporting Japanese companies' donations to international contribution projects through tax incentives
* Stakeholders:
A "stakeholder" is defined as any individual or group who affects or is affected by a company's activities,
such as shareholders, employees, consumers, corporate transaction partners, and communities.
The equivalent terms "key audience" and "constituency" are also used.

History of the CBCC

1988 :  Council for Better Investment in the United States (CBIUS) was established.
1989 :  In the interest of spurring development, CBIUS was disbanded and Council for Better Corporate Citizenship (CBCC) was founded.
1991-96 :  CBCC dispatched missions to the United States (6 missions to 21 states).
1994 :  CBCC dispatched a study mission on corporate governance.
1999 :  CBCC sponsored a symposium in New York marking the 10th anniversary of its founding.
2000-01 :  CBCC dispatched missions to Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia).
2002 :  CBCC exchanged collaborative agreement with BSR (Business for Social Responsibility).
CBCC strengthened the activities for promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
CBCC and Nippon Keidanren (now KEIDANREN) took part in the discussion on the standard on Corporate Responsibility (CR) at the International Standardization Organization (ISO).
2003- :  CBCC started to dispatch CSR Dialogue Missions (to Europe, USA, and Asian countries).
2005 :  CBCC sponsored CSR Symposium in Beijing, China (co-sponsored by China Enterprise Confederation).
2007 :  CBCC sponsored Japan-China Forum on CSR.
2009 :  CBCC sponsored CSR Symposium to commemorate its 20th anniversary in Tokyo.
2010 :  CBCC was authorized as a public interest incorporated association.
2015 :  CBCC sponsored CSR International Symposium 2015 commemorating the 25th anniversary of the CBCC.
2016 :  CBCC strengthened the activities for promoting understanding toward SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and companies' initiatives to achieve SDGs.

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