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Preliminary Recommendations on
the Restructuring of the Legal System Governing Telecommunications
to Propel the IT Revolution

From a System of Business Regulation to the Promotion of Competition

March 28, 2000

(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)




I. The Current State of the Information and Telecommunications Market and the Need for Reform

  1. Adapting to the Internet Era
  2. Adapting to the Convergence of Telecommunications and Broadcasting
  3. Encouraging Competition in the Telecommunications Market

II. Directions for Reform: Enacting a New Telecommunications-related Law

  1. New Legal Framework to Promote Fair Competition
  2. Advancing User Interests Through a Competitive Environment:
    From a System of Business Regulation to a System of the Promotion of Competition
  3. Integrated Approach to Telecommunications and Broadcasting
    (1) Basic Thinking
    (2) Distinction Between Telecommunications and Broadcasting
    (3) Promoting the Use of Content

III. Creating Systems to Promote Free and Fair Competition

  1. Transition to a Regulatory Framework that Reflects Progress Toward a Competitive Environment
    (1) Regulations Linked to the Level of Competition
    (2) Facilitating Interconnection
    (3) Ensuring Universal Services and Essential Communications
    (4) Flexible Business Development
  2. Creating Systems to Promote Competition
    (1) Review of Regulatory Structure Focused on Facility Ownership
    (2) Development of Line Facilities
    (2)-1 Cable Conduits
    (2)-2 Radio Waves
  3. Prevention of Anticompetitive Behavior
  4. Reinforcement of Government Monitoring and Arbitration Functions Relating to Competition
    (1) The Role of Competition Supervisory Agencies
    (2) Strengthening Competition Supervision and Arbitration Functions
  5. Securing Transparency in Government Administration


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