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Towards Broader and Deeper Economic Partnership Agreements

17 October 2006

Nippon Keidanren
( Japan Business Federation )

[ Summary ]


[ Proposal ]


I. Strategic Significance of Promoting Economic Partnership Agreements

II. Promoting Economic Partnerships with an Emphasis on East Asia

  1. Broadening EPAs

  2. Deepening EPAs
    (1) Liberalisation of trade in goods
    (2) Liberalisation of trade in services
    (3) Liberalisation of investment
    (4) Effective protection of intellectual property rights
    (5) Improvement of the business environment
    (6) Establishment of convenient rules of origin
    (7) Securing of stable supplies of natural resources, energy, and food

III. Promoting EPAs through Domestic Structural Reform

  1. Acceleration of Reform in the Agricultural Sector

  2. Expansion of the Acceptance of Foreign Workers

IV. Negotiation Setup and Other Issues

In Summary

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