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On the Improvement of Japan's Global Investment Environment

Toward the Creation of a Legal Framework for Japanese Foreign Investment

April 15, 2008

Nippon Keidanren
( Japan Business Federation )

[ Outline ]


[ Proposal ]


I. Current Situation and Challenges

  1. Challenges Faced by Japanese Companies
  2. Current Situation of the Japanese Government's Efforts on Agreements regarding Investment
  3. Challenges Faced by Japan toward the Creation of Legal Frameworks

II. Toward the Improvement of Japan's Global Investment Environment

  1. Early Creation of a High-Level Legal Framework for Investment
    1. (1) Promotion of investment protection and liberalization
      1. Early conclusion of agreements under negotiation
      2. Start of negotiation of investment agreements
      3. Revision of existing agreements
    2. (2) Promotion of the conclusion and the like of tax treaties and social security agreements
  2. Promotion of Government and Private-Sector Consultation and Dialogue on the Creation of a Favorable Business Environment


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