Japan's International Contributions and the Role of Its Economic Cooperation in the Post-Cold War Era
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Developing New Economic Cooperation For Sustainable Global Economic Growth

[tentative translation]

December 20, 1994
(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)


I. The Goals of Economic Cooperation in the Post-Cold War Era

(Three Basic Understandings)
  1. The role of economic cooperation as the most important pillar of Japan's international contributions
  2. Sustainable global economic growth as a common goal for the world
  3. New development of Japan's economic cooperation

II. Proposals

Proposal 1.
Demonstrating leadership and implementing a comprehensive assistance policy by Japan

  1. The need for a vision and an assistance strategy, and revamping the Council on Foreign Economic Cooperation
  2. Reviewing administrative and budgetary facets of ODA in order to respond to new needs
  3. Considering modalities for yen loans and diversification of the assistance menu
  4. Increasing assistance for global environmental issues and for economies in transition
  5. Creating a framework for assistance research and enhancing assistance personnel expertise
  6. The need for wide-area assistance which crosses multinational borders
  7. Promoting institution building and human resource development for economic and social development in developing countries
  8. Promoting recipient countries' understanding of sustainable development

Proposal 2.
Enhancing cooperation between ODA and the private sector for economic development in developing countries

  1. Expanding public resources for the promotion of private-sector loans and investments, and enhancing capacity for government guarantees
  2. Establishing assistance policies and creating programs utilizing joint efforts of the public and private sectors
  3. Drawing upon private sector expertise

Proposal 3.
Enhancing international assistance coordination

  1. Increasing Japanese staff and executives in international organizations
  2. Increasing Japan's ability to communicate ideas on ODA
  3. Enhancing cooperation and dialogue on assistance with the industrialized countries of Europe and the United States, and with industrializing and other countries

Proposal 4.
Enhancing economic cooperation in which the people can participate

  1. Securing budgetary resources for NGOs
  2. Enhancing the human resources of NGOs
  3. Expanding the activities of NGOs

Proposal 5.
Advancing ODA which can gain the support of the people

  1. Economic cooperation based on clear priorities and policies
  2. ODA which will meet with the approval of the people of Japan as well as of the people of recipient countries


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