Interim Report of The Committee on New Business of Keidanren

Recommendations for Creating New Businesses:
Building an Economy and Society that Nurtures the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Chapter VI : Keidanren's Role

Keidanren is cognizant of the role it must play in developing new industries and businesses and plans to proactively address the following points:

  1. Keidanren shall vigorously advocate the issues addressed in Chapters II - IV, in cooperation with a wide-range of economic organizations and corporations, whether members or not, and with the trade unions.
    With respect to tasks that should be addressed by corporations or CEOs, Keidanren will call on its members to take responsibility for seeing that issues are energetically addressed and will continue to remind members of the need for decisive action to accomplish this agenda.
    With regard to actions that the government should undertake, the relevant committees of Keidanren will draft concrete demands and present them to the government.

  2. The suggested agenda to accomplish deregulation, outlined in Chapter II, is of immediate and vital importance. Keidanren will commit all its organizational resources to supporting the deregulation agenda of the Administrative Reform Committee and will undertake its own independent efforts to achieve deregulation.

  3. Regarding support for independent venture businesses, addressed in Chapter III, Keidanren will conduct further studies to explore new ways to address the problem concretely, including the possibility of creating a new organization to foster venture businesses.

  4. With respect to reform of established corporations, address in Chapter IV, Keidanren will study this issue in greater depth in cooperation with domestic and foreign experts and the results of these studies will be made public.

  5. Regarding educational reform, addressed in Chapter V, a study will be undertaken based on the ideas generated by Keidanren's Ad-Hoc Committee on Nurturing Creative Human Resources. The Ad-Hoc Committee is working toward writing its proposition by the end of this fiscal year (March 1996).

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