Action Plan

October 1995

Following up on the meetings between Dr. Toyoda, Chairman of Keidanren and Mr. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank in September 1995, and the dialogue during the October 1995 visit of the Keidanren delegation, the following are the main areas for collaboration and joint action between Keidanren and the World Bank Group during the next twelve months.

  1. Exchange of Personnel
  2. A new initiative will be launched to strengthen the systematic exchange of knowledge between Keidanren and the World Bank Group through the institutionalized exchange of staff.

  3. Intensified Policy Dialogue
  4. Workshops will be organized to provide a forum for intensified policy dialogue on sectoral and regional issues of mutual interest.

    1. Sectors
      • Information for Development
      • Energy
      • Global Environment

    2. Regions
      • Russia and Other Transition Economies
      • Middle East and North Africa

  5. Exchange of Information
  6. Keidanren and the World Bank, IFC and MIGA will share experiences and best practices on issues of interest to the development agenda:

    1. Guarantees (CFS and MIGA); and
    2. Experience of Japanese firms in developing countries and the role of the World Bank Group

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