Aiming to Build a Life Spatial Information Infrastructure

--Suggestions for Advanced Utilization of Geographic Information System--

November 17, 1998

(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)


Major Points of the Proposal

I. General Discussion

  1. Significance of Geographic Information System Utilization
  2. Desirable Environment for Geographic Information System Utilization
  3. Current Situation in the U.S.

II. Particular Discussion: Problems and Direction of Action in Japan

  1. Organization of Life Spatial Information Infrastructure Comprehensively and with Concentrated Effort
  2. Active Utilization of the Geographic Information System by the Public Sector
  3. Organization of Conditions for Utilization of Government Information by the Private Sector
  4. Reevaluation of Systems and Customary Practices That Do Not Assume Digitalization

[Reference Documents]

  1. Examples of indications surrounding advanced utilization of GIS collected by Keidanren
  2. Questionnaire Survey Results relating to GIS

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