Tomijiro Morita President

Since its establishment in 1997, the 21st Century Public Policy Institute (21PPI) has produced many articles and reports and made numerous policy proposals as a public policy think tank of Keidanren.

In 2007, the 21PPI was reborn as an “open think tank” whereby a diverse range of people, including scholars, researchers and politicians, can be brought together from Japan and elsewhere. Such individuals participate in free and unreserved discussion on new policy visions. The fruits of their discussions are broadly disseminated and have attracted widespread attention both at home and abroad.

Active promotion of the government’s “Abenomics” policy is finally moving the Japanese economy in a better direction. Nevertheless, a host of challenges remain. Amid a rapidly aging society and falling birthrate, they include accelerated reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake as well as issues concerning taxation, financial affairs, social security, the environment, and energy. Overcoming these challenges will require the government to formulate and execute a growth strategy that will put the nation on a sustainable growth track and realize a “revitalized Japan.” It will also require private enterprises to take proactive steps forward as drivers of growth. For these and other reasons, it will be important to pursue innovation in a variety of forms and take advantage of growth in Asia and on the global stage.

The 21PPI is engaged in research projects in a broad spectrum of fields, ranging from growth strategy to diplomacy, taxation, fiscal systems, social security, and environment and energy. While engaging in activities useful for policy proposals by Keidanren, we will strive to make even greater contributions to Japan’s revitalization by actively presenting proposals developed from various reform perspectives and ideas gained through research.

The 21st Century Public Policy Institute is eager to undertake activities to meet the needs of the times with the understanding and support of Keidanren members and our many other partners. I sincerely ask for your cooperation in our endeavors.

Satoshi Miura

About Keidanren

Keidanren is a comprehensive economic organization with a membership comprised of 1,499 representative companies, industrial associations and regional economic organizations (as of June 2014). Its mission is to draw upon the vitality of corporations, individuals and local communities to support corporate activities which contribute to the self-sustaining development of the Japanese economy and improvement in the quality of life for the Japanese people. Keidanren, for this purpose, establishes timely consensus and work towards resolution of a variety of issues concerning Japanese business community. Meanwhile, it communicates with its stakeholders including political leaders, administrators, labor unions and citizens.

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