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A Proposed Resolution over the Problems of International Schools

- Working toward creation of Education Suited for the Era of Globalization -

June 14, 2002

Nippon Keidanren
( Japan Business Federation )

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1. The Current State of International Schools

2. The Significance of International Schools

(1) Fostering of Talented, Globally Oriented Individuals
(2) Centers for Globally Oriented Education
(3) Retention of Skills of Returnee Japanese Children
(4) Acceptance of Foreign Children
(5) Promotion of Globalization of High Schools and Universities

3. Proposals for Solving the Problems surrounding International Schools

(1) Recognition as Article 1 Schools
(2) Qualifying International Schools Graduates to Advance to High School/University
(3) Assistance for Efforts in Globally Oriented Education
(4) Implementation of a Tax Relief Measure
(5) Greater Flexibility in Facility Development

4. Future Challenges

(1) Diversification of Educational Opportunities
(2) Shared Schooling for Students of Various Asian Countries

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