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Policy Proposal: Towards a New International Framework for the Post-Kyoto Protocol Era

September 15, 2011


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1. Introduction

2. The Type of International Framework That Should Be Adopted: A Single Framework with All Major Emitters Participating

3. Measures for Realising a Low Carbon Society of Global Scale

  1. (1) Disseminate Best Available Technologies (BATs), Develop and Deploy Innovative Technologies
  2. (2) Provide Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation in the Areas of Financing and Technology
    1. [1] Promotion of a Bilateral Offset Mechanism to Complement the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
    2. [2] Effective Financial Support
  3. (3) Promote Capacity Building
  4. (4) Advance the 3Ls: Lighting Africa, Linking Africa, and Lifting Africa
  5. (5) Transfer Low-Carbon Technologies Via a Platform for Environment-Friendly Technologies (WIPO Green)
  6. (6) Pursue the Sectoral Approach

4. Japan's Medium-Term Emission Reduction Targets

5. In Conclusion

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