Creating A Consumer-Oriented Distribution System

September 19, 1995

(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)

Japanese version is here.

  1. Recent Changes Observed in Japanese Distribution System
  2. Background to Structural Change in the Distribution System
    1. Global Integration
    2. Information Technology and Sharp Increase in Private Ownership of Motorized Vehicles
    3. Modifications to the Large-Scale Retail Stores Law

  3. Change and Efforts of the Distribution System
  4. The Benefits of Structural Reform In the Distribution System
    1. Reduction of Domestic Prices and Expanded Consumer Choice
    2. Greater Convenience for Consumers
    3. Efficiency Improvements to the Overall Distribution System
    4. Urgency of New Business and Job Creation
    5. Rising Imports of Finished Products

  5. Public and Private Sector Policy Recommendations
  6. [ The Role of Government ]

    1. Deregulation:
    2. Developing a New Distribution Policy for Small Business

    [ Joint Public/Private Sector Efforts ]

    1. Policies to Promote Competition and Business Practice Reform:
    2. Environmental and Waste Management Strategies:

    [ Private Sector Initiatives ]

    1. Information Technology:
    2. Expanding Consumer Awareness and Responsibility

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