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Policy Proposals  CSR, Education, DEI Toward a More Resilient Society - Further actions of the business sector and government -

March 5, 2012

Executive Summary

In 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the Japanese society. Moreover, extensive flooding in Thailand vastly impacted Japanese companies' business activity across borders.

Taking these as a lesson, it is necessary for reliable preparations to be made in order to address risks both domestic and abroad such as huge earthquakes, extensive flooding, and the spread of the new influenza. Based on this awareness, Keidanren has put together a proposal entitled "Toward a More Resilient Society".

Firstly, it is vital for corporations and the business community to prepare against disaster at ordinary times; maintaining sufficient reserve like water and food, equipping standby power supply, and practicing emergency drills. In the event of natural disasters, corporations should collaborate with business partners and other members of related industrial associations to continue and restore business activity as well as promote relief of affected areas and people through the provision of donations, materials, and volunteers.

Meanwhile, the government should maintain legislative infrastructure to cope with massive natural disasters and boost private sectors' disaster prevention countermeasures by giving an incentive like subsidies and deregulation. At the time of a natural disaster, it is essential that the government take appropriate measures to save lives, maintain security, and strongly send the message "Resilient Japan" toward the international community. Also relaxation and flexible enforcement of regulation are absolutely necessary for accelerating and smoothening the private sectors' activity toward continuation and restoration of their business operations such as production, sales, and delivery.

It is important for both the government and private sector to work in tandem on strengthening disaster prevention countermeasures; disaster preparation in local communities, the quake-resistance and immediate recovery of essential facilities like electricity, gas, water, and telecommunication, and effective use of information, as well as on efforts to support commuters unable to get home.

Building a resilient society that is more robust against natural disasters is indispensable and is also a major premise for recovering international trust and attracting investment. Keidanren shall contribute to building a more resilient society with the world's highest level of disaster prevention by fully utilizing the private sectors' technology and the wisdom.

CSR, Education, DEI