May 21, 2013

Business leaders from the G8 business organisations met with UK Prime Minister David Cameron today. During a wide-ranging discussion which focused on trade, investment, taxation and transparency, they urged all of the G8 Governments to use the June meeting in Northern Ireland to really drive forward the growth and jobs agenda.

On trade, G8 business leaders said:
"We want the G8 to lead the charge to liberalise trade and investment to open up new markets, including through new trade agreements. We need to resist protectionism, improve trade facilitation and support an open, global rule-based system to ensure that all countries can reap the growth benefits of increased trade. Moreover, if we are to secure job creation and sustainable growth, special priority should be given to trade in capital goods and financing investment."

On tax, G8 business leaders said:
"Pro-growth tax reform that lowers rates, broadens the tax base, simplifies the system and ensures compliance is a priority throughout the G8. We look forward to constructive progress in this area."

On the G8 process, business leaders said:
"The G8 business leaders also expressed their appreciation for the Prime Minister's willingness to consult prior to the meeting in Northern Ireland in order that their recommendations can be given due consideration. The business leaders hope that this will become the standard practice in the future."