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November 18, 2014

(Japanese version is here)


Keidanren has compiled a proposal so that the opinions of the business community can be reflected in the Basic Plan on Space Policy, which the government will draw up at the end of this year.

Key Issues

First is the reinforcement of national security. The government should push forward coordination between the areas of national security and civilian use, measures against space debris, and space cooperation with the United States.

Second is the promotion of the space industry. It is necessary to formulate a long-term development program that will contribute to corporate investment and to establish legislation on space activities.

Third is the enhancement of science and technology capabilities. Basic research, applied research and practical research should be promoted.

Strengthening Promotion Structure

Firstly, the government's Strategic Headquarters for Space Policy is expected to fulfill its role of a control tower toward its comprehensive policy promotion.

Secondly, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) should reinforce its cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and give technical support toward industrial development.

Compiling Road Map

A 10-year Road Map should specify steps such as the timing of launching satellites and other equipment by category and of introducing legislation, the scale of operations and how to proceed with cooperation between the public and private sectors.

In the coming five years or so, it is requested that the total number of satellites launched by both the public and private sectors will become seven to 10 per year and that the scale of operations will expand from the current 300 billion yen to 500 billion yen.

National Security Expanding the information-gathering satellite operation to 10 units, developing an early warning system, building systems for space situational awareness and marine domain awareness, developing technologies for removing space debris
Positioning Realizing an operation of seven quasi-zenith satellites by the early 2020s, utilizing it in the field of national security
Observation Continuous development of meteorological satellites, land-observing satellites and environment observation satellites
Communication/Broadcasting Developing advanced information satellite communication technology, developing optical data relay satellites
Energy Research and development as well as demonstration experiment of space solar power system
Manned Space Activities Improving the functions of space station transfer vehicles and promoting the use of Japanese Experiment Module (JEM)
Space Science Continuous implementation of space science mission
Transportation Stable operation of the H-IIA and H-IIB rockets and development of the next core rocket, continued launching of Epsilon rockets, maintenance of the launch sites

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