Policy Proposals  Trade, Investment, EPA/FTA   Call to Rebuild the WTO Multilateral Free Trade and Investment System

May 19, 2015



(PDF version is here)

I. A Trade Strategy for Japan

II. The Multilateral Free Trade and Investment System: Issues and Direction for Reform

  1. 1. WTO Achievements
    1. (1) Effectiveness of Implementations and Monitoring and Dispute Settlement Functions
    2. (2) Issues with the Doha Development Agenda (Doha Round): Declining Interest in the WTO and the Acceleration of Mega-FTAs negotiations
      1. (a) WTO Systemic Issues
      2. (b) Negotiations Unsuited to Global Value Chains
  2. 2. WTO Reform
    1. (1) The Significance of the WTO
    2. (2) Approaches to Reform
      1. (a) Post-Doha
      2. (b) Rethinking Negotiation Methods: Strengthening Rule-Making Functions by Utilizing the Critical Mass Method
      3. (c) Utilizing the Results of the TPP and Other Trade Negotiations into the WTO Agreements
      4. (d) Formulating a Work Plan
      5. (e) Convening Regular Discussions

III. Efforts to Rebuild a Multilateral Free Trade System

  1. 1. Establishing a Comprehensive and Unified Trade Negotiation Structure in the Japanese Government
  2. 2. Keidanren Initiatives