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Policy Proposals  Industrial Policy Change of our life and society in 2025 by utilizing consumer goods and service - Proposal from consumer goods and service industries that supports "comfort, convenience, sense of security and safety" -

September 15, 2015


This proposal is aimed at offering ideas from companies to encourage people to alter their lifestyle so that people of various generations can lead comfortable lives, despite the progression of an aging society and significant changes in the living environment.

First of all, we broadly define "consumer goods and service industries" as industries that are relatively close to people as they go about their daily lives. We introduce their distinctive aspects — (1) creating "comfort, convenience, sense of security and safety," (2) carrying out activities that had been conducted by an individual or by family members on their behalf and (3) enhancing life events such as marriage, childbearing, education and home purchases — to people by incorporating examples of advanced cases.

In addition, looking ahead to 2025 and beyond, when all members of the postwar baby-boom generation will become 75 years old or above, we aim to contribute to improving the following four areas regarded as the current issues by developing products and services to be provided by the consumer goods and service industries:

  1. (1) Meet the wishes of young people to marry and have children
  2. (2) Create a society that sees aging positively
  3. (3) Secure the workforce by promoting advancement of women and encouraging the elderly to participate in society
  4. (4) Reduce geographic disparities in services offered based on place of residence

To realize these improvements, Keidanren will work on the following areas mainly through the activities of its committees:

  1. (1) Increase awareness of advanced cases ranging from developing products targeting specific generations to enlivening local communities by companies in various locations, as well as spread information about relevant cases

  2. (2) Exchange views between academic experts and companies to understand the potential needs of people

  3. (3) Provide platforms for encouraging cooperation between different industries in order to create new markets

  4. (4) Exchange views with local governments with high-level interest and awareness of issues

  5. (5) Bring efficiency to projects in the field of consumer goods and service that used to be labor intensive by utilizing IT and various kinds of robots or through cooperation between different industries

  6. (6) Ease regulations or modify standards that hamper the use of new products and provision of new services

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