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Policy Proposals  Labor Policy Guideline on Recruitment and Selection

Revised as of December 7, 2015

With regard to recruitment and selection for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are supposed to graduate universities or complete master's courses and commence employment in fiscal 2017, companies shall pay sufficient attention to the following points and act on the rules of self-responsibility.

Additionally, companies shall refer to the accompanying guidance to this guideline in practice.

1. Assurance of Fair and Impartial Recruitment

Companies shall strive to assure a fair, impartial, and transparent recruitment process, conducting recruitment and selection in line with the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, the Employment Measures Act, and the Act for Employment Promotion etc. of Youth, and shall strictly refrain from taking part in any actions that hinder students' participation in a free job-seeking process (requesting a letter of commitment oath before the official date for tendering job offers, etc.). In addition, companies shall note that students suffer from no disadvantage due to the location of their universities.

2. Assurance of the Sound University Education and Learning Environment

Based on the concept of higher education, which aims—by developing students' knowledge, abilities, and character over a full period of university study—to cultivate human resources who can contribute to society, companies shall, in their recruitment and selection, cooperate to ensure a proper university education and learning environment, and shall respect the academic schedules of universities and other educational institutions.

3. Date of Commencement of Recruitment and Selection

In order to ensure that students devote to schoolwork as their main objective, recruitment and selection before the following commencement dates are strictly prohibited.

Commencement of public relations:
On March 1 or later, directly prior to the start of the academic year in which students are scheduled to graduate or complete their master courses
Commencement of selections:
On June 1 or later of the academic year in which students are scheduled to graduate or complete their master courses

Additionally, companies make efforts to take the specific circumstances of students into consideration during the recruitment and selection processes.

4. Date of Preliminary Job Offers

Preliminary job offers are to be made on October 1 or later of the academic year in which the students graduate or complete their master courses.

5. Provision of Diverse Opportunities for Employment Screening

Companies shall strive to take students with experience of studying abroad into consideration. Companies shall also strive to provide diverse opportunities (such as autumn or year-round hiring, etc.) for the students who are scheduled to graduate at different times, and unemployed graduates.

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