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B7 Joint Statement

12 September 2016
  • Keidanren
  • Confindustria
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • CBI
  • BDI

We, the leading business organisations of the B7, are convinced that a free and open trade and investment system is a most important catalyst to achieve and sustain global economic growth. To this end, our organisations fully support the completion and ratification of regional trade agreements: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the cross-sectoral Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) and the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA). These agreements, the most ambitious trade deals in over a decade, will unlock the economic potential across our nations.

We are concerned about the rise of isolationist and protectionist movements in various parts of the world. Nevertheless, we remain committed to the global rules-based trading system. Our nations and global economy have prospered under a freer global trading system, multilaterally and regionally. We encourage world leaders to reflect and remark on the enormous benefits that trade has achieved for our countries and the world.

Our organisations will observe closely the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union following the Brexit vote in the hope that a new and balanced model will be found. We will also pay close attention to the debates in our respective countries during the future elections in the United States, France, and Germany, as anti-free trade statements have become noticeable.

Through our continued engagement with governments, international organisations and businesses of all sizes in our countries and in the rest of the world, we strive to be a strong voice in support of free trade.


Trade, Investment, EPA/FTA