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Policy Proposals  Environment and Energy Opinion on formulating the "Resource Circulation Strategy for Plastics" Toward promoting resource circulation and solving marine plastic litter issues

(tentative translation)
November 13, 2018


[ PDF version is here ]


1. Basic Approach

  1. (1) Contributing to multiple SDGs
  2. (2) "Responsible consumption and production" of plastic products

2. Toward solving global ocean plastic issues

  1. (1) Appropriate management and treatment of plastic waste and preventing the flow of plastics into the ocean
  2. (2) Importance of technological development
  3. (3) Drawing on Japan's experiences, technology and knowhow to promote international cooperation

3. Toward further promotion of resource circulation in Japan

  1. (1) Efforts to date
    1. An enhanced law system and voluntary approaches by business operators
    2. Effective utilization rate of plastic waste
  2. (2) Future measures, etc.
    1. Continuing and enhancing voluntary approaches by the business community
    2. Improving the effective utilization rate of used plastics
    3. Promoting technology development, including recycled material and bio-based plastics
    4. Approaches toward reducing plastic shopping bags (compulsory charge on plastic bags, etc.)
    5. Ambitious "milestones" defining the direction in which we should be headed


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