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Policy Proposals  Environment and Energy "Challenge Zero" -- Innovation Challenges towards a Decarbonized Society --

June 30, 2020

With the recent increase in extreme weather events, addressing climate change has become more urgent than ever. In order to achieve a decarbonized society, the goal of the Paris Agreement, at the earliest possible date, companies must swiftly develop and deploy innovative technologies, positioning this challenge as an important management issue.

On the Challenge Zero English website launched today, over 130 companies and organizations have endorsed the "Declaration on Challenge Zero" and announced over 300 innovation challenges for development of net zero emission technologies (including transition technologies), their deployment, and finance for companies actively engaged in these challenges.

In addition, Keidanren has set out a path towards a decarbonized society that can be created through the deployment of innovative technologies provided through the Challenge Zero project and drawn up a picture for a decarbonized society, in line with the goal of the Paris Agreement.

Keidanren is strongly promoting Challenge Zero in cooperation with the Japanese government, creating a game-changing initiative where companies compete in innovation, attract ESG investment, and encourage collaboration among various actors. The aim of the project is to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement as promptly as possible. We will continue to enhance our efforts by adding new members and innovation challenges.

Challenge Zero English Official Website

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