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Policy Proposals  Environment and Energy Urgent Policy Proposal toward Achieving Green Growth

June 15, 2021


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[ Overview —Basic approach to achieving green growth— ]

  1. Strongly promoting proactive initiatives by the business community (the Carbon Neutrality Action Plan)
  2. Mobilizing policy resources toward a virtuous cycle of the economy and the environment
  3. Presenting a concrete future vision and fostering public understanding for matters including costs

[ Individual topics —Policy measures for the achievement of green growth— ]

  1. Pursuing reduction efforts centered on the proactive initiatives of the business community
  2. Promoting further initiatives in the industry, transport and consumer sectors
    1. (1) Industry sector
    2. (2) Transport sector
    3. (3) Consumer sector
  3. Securing a low cost and stable supply of hydrogen and accelerating its wide application
  4. Considering carbon pricing schemes that will benefit growth
  5. Promoting sustainable finance
  6. Advancing proactive climate diplomacy

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