Policy Proposals  Business Law   Using Impact Metrics to Promote Dialogue with Purpose as Starting Point Action for Sustainable Capitalism by Companies and Investors

June 14, 2022


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  • Introduction: Background
  • Current States: Current Dialogue between Companies and Investors
  • Issue: Gap in Dialogue on Sustainability
  • How to Solve: Dialogue Using Impact Metrics
  • Advantage of Impact Metrics: Realization of Purpose
  • Nature of Impact Metrics: Common Language with Stakeholders
  • What Is Aimed to Achieve: Common Language with Stakeholders
  • Issues in Practice of Impact Metrics
  • Utilizing Impact Metrics: Keidanren Sample Impact Metrics
  • Keidanren Sample Impact Metrics: Cross-sectional
  • Keidanren Sample Impact Metrics: Resilience
    Example of Use of Resilience Metrics
  • Keidanren Sample Impact Metrics: Healthcare
    Example of Use of Healthcare Metrics
  • Conclusion: Excerpts from the Executive Summary
  • Reference: Members Involved in This Report