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In August 2015, Keidanren launched the Keidanren Women's Executive Network to support women executives against the backdrop of companies placing more women in leadership positions due to "Womenomics" gaining in momentum. The aims of this Network include the provision of opportunities for women executives to hold exchanges and create networks among each other across the boundaries of occupation and industry, facilitating the further advancement of executives who, while still a minority in their companies, nevertheless are expected to serve as role models for future generations of women. As part of this effort, the Network regularly holds the Leadership Mentor Program, welcoming the CEOs of various global companies, who are senior officers of Keidanren as mentors to talk about topics such as the mentality required of leaders and future career development.

At these Program sessions, as well as giving the women executives formal and informal advice based on their own rich experiences as top executives of their companies, the mentors also engage in frank exchanges of views with the participants.

Keidanren hopes to accelerate the trend towards the promotion of diversity, including the advancement of women in the workforce, with the strong commitment of top corporate leaders.

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