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Executives' Comments  Press Conferences Chairman Yonekura's comments at his Press Conference

June 11, 2012

Following is the gist of remarks made by Chairman Yonekura at his Press Conference. Translation is rush and tentative, and sequence of the gist does not necessarily coincide with words delivered.


As written in Keidanren's urgent opinion paper titled "For Promotion of Economic Partnerships by Leveraging TPP," the current status of the TPP negotiations gives Japan no other choice but to participate in the talks no later than the end of this year so that the country can have a voice in the rule making process. At G20 summit, Prime Minister Noda needs to declare Japan will join the negotiations.

Restart of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant

Keidanren holds Prime Minister Noda in high regard for his endeavors to secure public support for restarting nuclear reactors at the Ohi nuclear power plant. The prime minister also expressed a firm belief that sufficient measures have been taken to prevent nuclear accidents even when an earthquake and tsunami as large as the Great East Japan Earthquake happens again. It is our understanding that the prime minister’s remarks were made with confirmation of the safety of the Ohi nuclear power plant based on findings of experts including the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan.

European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Eurozone states have announced a maximum of 100 billion-euro bailout for private banks in Spain. The move showed the members' sense of unity and eased concerns of the global markets, although it is not a complete resolution of the European sovereign debt crisis and the situation requires further attention.

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