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Executives' Comments  Press Conferences Chairman Yonekura's comments at his Press Conference

October 22, 2012

Following is the gist of remarks made by Chairman Yonekura at his Press Conference. Translation is rush and tentative, and sequence of the gist does not necessarily coincide with words delivered.

Expectations for political leaders

The stage for trilateral talks among leaders of the Democratic Party of Japan and the two main opposition parties is desperately needed to pass in the Diet the bills on special provisions concerning issuance of government bonds, reform of the electoral system and the introduction of the social security and tax number, so called My Number.

Even if a general election is held, it is hardly possible for the government to take swift and flexible action to tackle important policy issues without developing cooperative relationships with the opposition blocs, considering the power balance in the House of Councilors. It is therefore essential to foster trust between the ruling and the opposition parties.

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