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at His Press Conference

June 3, 2014

Thanks to Abenomics, the Japanese economy is emerging from long lingering deflation. The point is whether the steady economic growth will take root within several years or not. It totally depends on collaboration between the government and business community. Keidanren is determined to build a solid foundation for Japan's revitalization and carry out the functions of business leader towards the bright future of the Japanese people.

There are two keys to Japan's revitalization. One is innovation, the nation's greatest advantage. It is essential to reinforcing the international competitiveness of our natural resource-poor country. Unleashing the power of innovation, the strength of Japan, we will create a new dynamism to continue economic growth.

The other key is globalization. It is a big tide of the 21st century. We will ride the giant wave to disperse Japan's best asset, technologies all over the world with no hesitation as well as to soak up vigor and vitality of foreign partners with greater eagerness.

We are planning to unveil "Keidanren's Vision," mid and long term roadmap towards Japan's revitalization. It must be the one which can gain sympathy and support of the people to change our country. We will change ourselves to complete our mission.

Keidanren will also further promote teamwork and cooperation with the government to bring back our strong Japan and robust economy. We will pay a lot of attention to our close ties with local communities as well as our alliances with other economic organizations. We will place top priority on improvement of relations with foreign countries, China and the Republic of Korea in particular.

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