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at His Press Conference

November 25, 2014

Postponement of consumption tax raise

Prime Minister Abe's decision means quite a lot. The leader has made it considering various factors in the current economy as a whole.

The global community will never let Japan go without tackling with the national priority, fiscal restructuring. It is necessary for the government to show clearly once again the way to the goal to increase its confidence from both global and domestic watchers. The Prime Minister says he will compile a concrete action plan by next summer to reach the target of restoring the nation's fiscal soundness in fiscal 2020. I look forward to seeing it will happen. I think the international community understands to a great extent how and why the schedule in the sales tax raise has changed.


The Abenomics has led Japan to the place where the exit from the 15 year old lingering deflation is visible. People have hope and become positive about the future. Companies have restored confidence for growth. The steady implementation of the three arrows of the Abenomics, the third arrow, the growth strategy in particular will ensure the departure form deflation as well as the economic growth. It is necessary for the whole nation to do whatever we can do to materialize the Abenomics. The business community will work harder to make more profits, create more jobs and reward working people with pay raise. The government is required to improve the business environment through measures such as deregulation, corporate tax system reform and energy policies.

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